Technorati Directory Number 1 in the World!

I need to claim my blog easily. After signing up, I get a token claim code: ASCUGCEPK27A. Why Technorati?

Technorati directory, previously let us discuss what is Technorati? Definitely have to know right? Okey .. Technorati is a search engine (search engine) specifically for the popular blog created by Dave Sifry, launched in November 2002. We have had a lot of even millions of blogs in the world listed on the site, as a large community site is one source to get visitors / traffic.

The reason why we have to register our blog on Technorati as well as to attract visitors to the site can also be used as a tool to seek links from other blogs that have the theme (niche) of the same.

Technorati is also a fairly popular blog directory and a directory of favorite bloggers to improve pagerank and traffic.


Tentang MRC Malang

Malang Ruqyah Center adalah klinik terapi Ruqyah Syar'iyyah dan Bekam. Terapi fisik maupun non fisik, gangguan jin, kesurupan, sihir, guna-guna, santet, teluh, pengasihan. Hp 08560.797979.4 (Indosat). email:
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